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woman hugging man after dentist in Urbandale IAPreparing for the Future

With so many people living active and healthier lifestyles, the good news is that life expectancy has increased over the years. However, a longer lifespan also means that your natural teeth will need to work harder and last longer. Chewing and eating foods with your natural teeth may be a more desirable choice for some patients rather than having a dental prosthetic such as a denture or partial, so it is essential to plan ahead and complete the dentistry you’ll need now to keep your teeth healthy. After that, you only need to worry about maintaining them in the future, and you can enjoy your retirement years with ease.

Your Johnston dentist can work together with you to craft an individualized treatment plan that you complete over time so that in the future, you are maintaining your teeth with routine dental visits and enjoying your natural teeth for many years to come.

The Importance of Preventive Dental Care

The foundation of optimum oral health is your preventive teeth cleaning and checkup visits every six months. However, if you are managing periodontal (gum) disease, your Urbandale dentist may recommend that you come in for additional cleanings throughout the year, which helps control your condition.

Your preventive checkups allow Dr. Phan or Dr. Babor to detect any concerns such as tooth decay early on so you can choose less invasive procedures such as a dental filling to treat it. In addition, being proactive about preventive care ensures, in most cases, that you don’t have to worry about significant treatment in the future, which will help you maintain your budget during your retirement years.

Your routine teeth cleanings with your Northpark Dental hygienist remove any excess plaque buildup, contributing to concerns such as gum disease and tooth decay. Your hygienist is also an excellent resource for information about products or techniques to help you maintain your teeth at home with an excellent home care routine.

Brushing at least twice per day and flossing once combined with your bi-annual preventive dental care at Northpark Dental will help you maintain your healthy and beautiful smile well into the future.

Couple taking a selfie in JohnstonWorking Together with Your Needs in Mind

Our goal at Northpark Dental is to partner with you to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime. From your first appointment with us, you will notice that we take the time to listen to your concerns and talk with you about your goals for your smile. Gathering this information from you allows us to make the recommendations that will best suit your needs and help you meet your plans for the future.

We offer a wide range of services to fulfill your dental needs, whether your teeth need minor repairs or you are looking to change the appearance of your smile completely. Let us work together with you to plan your dentistry now so we can meet your needs in the future.

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