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Dental implants in urbandale iaWhen you are living with a compromised or missing tooth, it presents many daily challenges that most of us take for granted. Talking or smiling at other people can make you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile. Eating the foods you would typically enjoy becomes difficult when you can’t chew properly. All of these factors can take a toll on your confidence.

Missing Teeth and Oral Health

While you’re navigating softer foods, you may not even be aware of the effects your missing tooth has on your oral health. When your jawbone has no root to support, it begins to deteriorate. Loss of bone can change the appearance of your face causing it to look more sunken, not to mention the loss of support can affect neighboring teeth.

Without a tooth replacement, your surrounding teeth will begin to move and shift. This can cause your teeth to become misaligned, which can affect the health of your bite and jaw joint.

Replacing a compromised or missing tooth restores more than just your confidence, it also protects your oral health.

Why Are Dental Implants the Gold Standard?

Dental implants are often called the gold standard for tooth replacement in dentistry because they replace not only your tooth but also your root, which protects the health of your bone against deterioration.

Dental implants can restore single teeth with a natural-looking ceramic crown designed to blend seamlessly with your smile. They are also capable of replacing multiple teeth by supporting dental prosthetics such as dental bridges, partials, and dentures. Implant-supported dentures and bridges allow patients with multiple missing teeth to enjoy the health benefits that dental implants offer.

Couple with dental implants in urbandale iaDental Implants in Johnston

Dr. Phan and Dr. Babor have had extensive advanced training that allows them to offer comprehensive implant dentistry to their patients from start to finish. You will always work with the team you know and trust throughout your implant procedure when you choose Northpark Dental for your implant dentistry.

As your implant dentists in Johnston, we can determine if dental implants are right for your needs during a comprehensive implant consultation where we will take 3-D images of your teeth and jaw to plan your treatment ahead of time.

Bone Grafting

If you’ve been told in the past that you lack enough healthy bone to support a dental implant, we might recommend a bone grafting procedure to build up your bone before placing your implant. Our dentists can also complete bone grafting procedures here at Northpark Dental.

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