Emergency Dental Services in Urbandale & Johnston

Man with jaw pain in urbandale iaDental emergencies can feel very stressful, and sometimes they’re scary if there is blood or a tooth gets knocked out. At Northpark Dental, we also understand that dental emergencies don’t occur at convenient times. That’s why we make every effort to accommodate our emergency patients with same-day dentistry if necessary, and we offer after-hours assistance if it’s needed.

Read on for some tips on handling common dental emergencies and what to expect during emergency treatment.

Handling Common Dental Emergencies

When you know what to do when an emergency arises, it may not feel as overwhelming. Here are some tips on what you can do until you reach our office.

  • A Broken Tooth: If your tooth breaks, there are different options for restoring it depending on how severe the break or fracture is. Gather any pieces of your tooth and get to Northpark Dental to be assessed.
  • A Lost Filling or Crown: When an old dental restoration breaks or falls out, your tooth may cause some sensitivity or discomfort. We will replace your restoration to protect your tooth from damage or decay. Contact our Johnston, IA dental office for an examination.
  • A Knocked-Out Tooth: This situation may be the most urgent since we have only a short window of time to save your tooth. Contact Northpark Dental right away. Don’t handle your tooth too much and try to pace it back in its socket if possible. If not, use milk to keep the cells of your tooth moist during transport.
  • A Toothache or Dental Pain: Pain is often an indicator of an infection in your tooth. An infection will require treatment and won’t go away on its own. If an infection is left untreated, the pain will become more intense, and the infection could affect neighboring teeth.

Emergency Dentistry in Johnston

woman at the emergency dentist in Johnston IATreatment during dental emergencies varies greatly depending on each patient's unique situation. For example, a toothache may require root canal therapy to eliminate the infection and pain and preserve the tooth; while a broken tooth might need a dental crown.

For teeth that we cannot save, an extraction may become necessary to protect your oral health. Dr. Phan and Dr. Babor are the emergency dentist patients in Johnston trust, and our dental office is well-equipped to handle whatever type of treatment you require.

We will assess your needs, discuss the treatment procedures that will restore your oral health, and we will provide the necessary treatment promptly to get you back on the path to wellness as soon as possible.

Your comfort is our number one priority, and we also offer dental sedation such as nitrous oxide for patients who feel fearful about dental procedures.

Don’t hesitate to contact Northpark Dental if you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency. We can help those in Johnston, Grimes, Urbandale, Des Moines, and the surrounding areas navigate your dental emergency.