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Is root canal therapy painful?

A common misconception about root canal therapy is that it’s painful because when you need this treatment, it is likely that you are already in pain. If we diagnose the need for a root canal, it is because we need to remove the infection that has occurred inside your tooth. A tooth that is fractured, traumatized, or decayed inside, the pulp will cause severe pain.

Treatment for an Infected Tooth

It is essential to understand that dental infections don’t go away without treatment and you will need root canal therapy to remove the infected tissue inside your tooth, eliminate pain, and preserve your natural tooth structure. A dental infection that is left untreated will often get worse and could result in tooth loss.

At Northpark Dental, our dentists use the latest in endodontic (root canal) technology – rotary endodontics. These are tools that are lighter and more flexible because they are made of nickel-titanium instead of stainless steel. They are also electric, making them more effective and efficient.

Comfortable Dentistry in Johnston

We also offer nitrous oxide as an option for patients who feel anxious about root canal therapy. Nitrous will help you feel at ease during your procedure without any lingering side effects.

If you or a loved one needs root canal therapy, you can count on your team at Northpark Dental to make the experience as efficient and comfortable as possible.

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