Pediatric Dentistry in Urbandale & Johnston, IA

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child, and their dental providers are no exception. As our lives become more hectic, it becomes even more critical for families to be able to see the Young family after the dentist in Urbandalesame dental provider for their convenience and peace of mind.

At Northpark Dental, we’ve created an environment that is comfortable for both adults and children, and we welcome little ones to start visiting our office as soon as their first teeth arrive – anywhere from six months to one year old. 

Your Child's First Dental Visit to Our Johnston Office

It may seem premature to have your baby come in to see the dentist at six months old, but Drs. Phan and Babor believe that it’s never too early to begin building a relationship with your son or daughter. When they come for their first visit, we will take the time to help them feel comfortable in the dental chair and at our office. We start with a simple examination of their baby teeth so we can begin monitoring their oral development.

Dental Visits As Children Grow

When your little one gets older, we will begin to incorporate cleanings into their dental visits. We spend a lot of time talking with them about their oral health and explaining what we’re going to do so your child feels safe and at ease during their dental appointments.

Our dentists may recommend additional treatment for your child as their teeth continue to arrive and develop. Fluoride treatments strengthen and build small teeth, and fluoride can also help to remineralize teeth that have been impacted by decay.

We recommend dental sealants for children to protect the chewing surfaces of their teeth from the acid and bacteria that cause decay and cavities. Sealants are a non-invasive, effective, and affordable treatment that reduces the number of cavities we see in children.

Young boy in dental chair in Johnston IAAdditional Recommendations for Children's Oral Development

Your Johnston children’s dentist will monitor your son or daughter’s oral health and development over the years with x-rays and six-month examinations. If your child needs to have their teeth aligned, we’ll give you suggestions for the proper timing for effective orthodontic treatment.

Did you know that sports-related trauma accounts for 40% of dental emergencies? If your child participates in sports, Dr. Phan or Dr. Babor will recommend the best mouthguard to suit their needs and protect their teeth and mouth from injury. A custom mouthguard provides a more secure fit and typically offers better protection without interfering with their performance than generic mouthguards.

Contact Our Urbandale Dental Office

We look forward to meeting your child, building a relationship with them, and taking care of your family for many years to come. Please contact Northpark Dental if you have any questions about your child’s oral health or to schedule their next visit. Caring dentistry is available to children in Grimes, Johnston, Urbandale, Des Moines, and the surrounding areas.