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Preparing for Your Little One’s First Dentist Visit

January 22, 2022
Posted By: Northpark Dental
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If you're a parent, something that never fails is you'll get advice from every friend, neighbor, or bystander, whether you asked or not. Some of these tips are ludicrous, like "Children should be seen, and not heard," or the dubious "If your child bites, bite 'em back."

But sometimes, a pearl of wisdom finds its way through the noise. One example, for developing important routines, is to make especially sure their first-time trying new things is a positive experience. Go out of your way to make the first day of school fun and stress-free. If you want them to love broccoli, make it savory with seasoned butter or cheese.  

This also holds for your child's first visits to their Urbandale and Johnston family dentist. Here are a few tips from the team at Northpark Dental to ensure their experience is the very best it can be.

Tip #1 – Model Good Behavior

We put this first because your attitude towards dental visits will do more to shape your child's perceptions than anything else by far. Each tip that follows depends on parents setting a good example. Dr. Trung Phan and Dr. Ellen Babor can help make you feel comfortable as a patient, and you can pass that on to your kids.

Tip #2 – Practice at Home

As soon as your little one's first few teeth appear, it would be best if you were practicing the precursors for both dental visits and at-home oral hygiene. For example, gently brushing newly emerged teeth keeps them clean and acclimates your child to someone working inside their mouths.

You can also do a pretend dentist's visit by sitting them down in a chair and showing them similar tools to your dentist's mirrors they use to check teeth.

Tip #3 – Keep It Simple

If your child is old enough to ask questions about their teeth and the dentist, we recommend you answer any questions generally and to the best of your ability. However, save the tricky ones for Dr. Babor or Dr. Phan.

Tip #4 – Keep It Light

We also suggest you avoid predicting any particular outcome from their visit, especially guaranteeing that everything is 100 percent fine if some issues arise. Instead, please focus on the routineness of normalcy of the experience, and whatever happens, the team at Northpark Dental will take good care of them.

Children's and Pediatric Dentistry in Urbandale, IA

The most constructive attitude to instill in your children around visiting the dentist is that it's normal to care for your teeth. Starting at home, parents can impact their family's relationship with oral health, and we are here to help. Give us a call to learn more.

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