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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): General Dentistry

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Here at Northpark Dental, our entire staff is trained to answer your questions about your oral health. We encourage you to ask them, and we’ve even compiled a few of the most common ones here. Please call us if you can't find the answer you’re seeking.

General Dentistry

For most patients, optimum oral health can be maintained with two cleanings and checkups each year, every six months.

For those patients managing periodontal disease, we often recommend one or two additional cleanings throughout the year to maintain your oral health and control gum disease.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

During your cleaning appointment, your hygienist is removing the plaque and bacteria buildup from your teeth that cause issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Your Johnston dentist will also screen for concerns like oral cancer during your examination, which is responsible for one death in America every hour. These dental issues are best treated early on, which gives you the opportunity to choose less invasive procedures that also aren't as costly.

Help With Dental Anxiety in Johnston

If you’ve avoided the dentist over the years due to fear, we offer nitrous oxide as an option for relaxation during your dental procedures. It can be used even during a cleaning, and it’s safe for you to drive yourself home after your appointment since it leaves your system so quickly.

Staying on track with your routine cleanings and checkups is genuinely the best way to achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Contact Northpark Dental if it’s time for your next dental appointment.

If we diagnose you with tooth decay, your dentist provides a dental filling to treat the issue. Additionally, we rely on tooth-colored fillings near Johnston for a beautiful result—no metal or silver!

close up of tooth getting dental fillingTooth decay is not always obvious—you won’t typically see a cavity when smiling into a mirror. This is one of the reasons regular dental visits are so important.

According to the American Dental Association and your Johnston area dentist, you should have checkups and teeth cleanings every six months.

However, if you do notice a cavity, it may look like a spot or tiny hole in your tooth, and it can change color over time.

Dental Fillings in Urbandale

If you do have a cavity, it’s essential to treat it before it spreads, causing a toothache or the need for a root canal. Untreated tooth decay can even cause tooth loss.

A dental filling means your dentist clears the decay from your tooth under general anesthesia. Then we close it with a tooth-colored filling to prevent further decay or bacteria from entering your tooth.

Is It Time for Your Teeth Cleaning and Dental Checkup?

A member of our team is happy to schedule your next checkup and teeth cleaning. And if you notice signs of a dental cavity, give us a call today.

At Northpark Dental, we have invested in much of the latest technology that is designed to make treatment procedures comfortable for our patients. You will also find that our dentists are not only gentle, but also compassionate, and your comfort is a top priority for them.

Modern Dental Technology for Your Comfort

For example, rotary endodontic technology allows us to perform root canal therapy in a more effective and comfortable manner than ever before. Because rotary tools are made of nickel-titanium instead of stainless steel, they are more flexible and reach diseased tissue quicker and more comfortably. Because these tools are electric, they allow us to complete the procedure more efficiently than in the past.

Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease Treatment

Our dental laser helps us to treat concerns such as periodontal disease more effectively without affecting healthy tissue. The laser uses concentrated light and heat to not only remove diseased tissue, but also sterilize the area for accelerated healing.

Book Your Dental Appointment in Johnston

These are only just two examples of the state-of-the-art technology you’ll find your Johnston dentist using. We invite you to come and visit our practice, meet our dentists and team, and discover for yourself what makes us different from other practices in the area. Give Northpark Dental a call today to arrange a convenient time for your next visit.

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