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What happens at a dental exam?

Routine dental examinations performed every six months are one of the best ways to protect your dental health, overall health, and healthy smile. Better yet, if you have dental insurance, it often covers most if not all of the cost of preventive dentistry.

woman smiling in dental chair in UrbandaleThorough Dental Exam in Urbandale

Your Urbandale dentist will thoroughly check your gums, teeth, and current dental restorations during your examination to ensure that everything is healthy. They will also screen you for problems like tooth decay and gum disease that you can more easily treat in their early stages. Confronting these problems early on saves you time in the dental chair, money in your wallet, and stress.

Oral Cancer Screening in Johnston

Your dentist in Johnston will also check for early signs of oral cancer that may look like lesions in your mouth that aren't healing within two weeks or look similar to canker sores. When we detect oral cancer as early as possible, you have the best chance of treating it with success. Oral cancer is a silent killer responsible for one death in America every hour, so the earlier we detect it, the better your prognosis.

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