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How often should I visit the dentist?

For most patients, optimum oral health can be maintained with two cleanings and checkups each year, every six months.

For those patients managing periodontal disease, we often recommend one or two additional cleanings throughout the year to maintain your oral health and control gum disease.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

During your cleaning appointment, your hygienist is removing the plaque and bacteria buildup from your teeth that cause issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Your Johnston dentist will also screen for concerns like oral cancer during your examination, which is responsible for one death in America every hour. These dental issues are best treated early on, which gives you the opportunity to choose less invasive procedures that also aren't as costly.

Help With Dental Anxiety in Johnston

If you’ve avoided the dentist over the years due to fear, we offer nitrous oxide as an option for relaxation during your dental procedures. It can be used even during a cleaning, and it’s safe for you to drive yourself home after your appointment since it leaves your system so quickly.

Staying on track with your routine cleanings and checkups is genuinely the best way to achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Contact Northpark Dental if it’s time for your next dental appointment.

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