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3 Reasons Why Our Urbandale Dental Office Is Unique

February 15, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Ellen Babor
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Preventive dental care is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. At Northpark Dental, we understand the importance of having a beautiful smile that lasts. Dr. Phan and Dr. Babor provide individual attention and focus on preventive care to lighten the burden and cost of dental treatment down the road. 

Here are three reasons why our Urbandale dental office is unique:

  1. We focus on preventive care and how it influences lifelong oral health. 
  2. We offer a membership plan so patients can receive necessary dental care. 
  3. We offer specials for all insured and uninsured patients. 

Why Preventive Dental Care Is Important 

Optimum oral health greatly depends upon regular preventive cleanings and check-ups. We recommend receiving preventive dental care every six months to ensure your teeth and gums remain in excellent health.

During your cleaning session at Northpark Dental, your hygienist thoroughly and gently removes excess plaque, which lowers your risk for gum disease and decay. Your hygienist also teaches you about effective products and techniques to keep your teeth and gums healthy at home.

Preventive dental care also allows our team to identify oral health concerns in the early stages, such as gingivitis or decay. The sooner we can detect a problem, the sooner we can treat it so your smile doesn’t suffer. 

Achieve an Affordable, Five-Star Smile in Urbandale

Everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile, but not everyone can afford the quality dental care that meets their needs. If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality dentistry in Urbandale, look no further than Northpark Dental. Northpark Dental offers a membership plan so you can get the smile you deserve without breaking the bank. 

  • Membership plan – The membership plan we offer gives you the flexibility and freedom to take control of your oral health care without the limitations of a traditional insurance plan. We believe all patients deserve a bright and functional smile, which is why our plan doesn’t have yearly maximums, deductibles, or waiting periods. With a Northpark Dental membership plan, you can get the care you need when you need it. 

Regardless of what your financial situation may be, our team can help you pave the way for a long-lasting, healthy smile. You can trust your Johnston family dentist to provide you with the affordable, high-quality care you deserve! 

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Our team listens to your needs and concerns to find the best preventive care plan for you. Northpark Dental offers a variety of services so you can achieve your smile goals. Whether you require minor repairs or desire a complete smile makeover, Dr. Phan and Dr. Babor can help you achieve a stunning smile and excellent oral health. 

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