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$999 Crown Special

A crown (also called a “cap”) is the ultimate protection for a tooth.  If you feel like your tooth is on the verge of breaking or is already broken down, come in and take advantage of crowns done by Dr. Trung and Dr. Babor.  Our crowns are made using our local lab in Ankeny and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and are never made overseas.

Affordable Dental Crowns in Urbandale

Even though this price is lower than we normally charge for a crown, the process, the materials, and the time and dedication Dr. Trung and Dr. Babor take to do your new crown is the same.  The doctors will not take shortcuts just because you are getting a lower “special” price.

For this price, the crown includes the “buildup”.  All old fillings and decay will be removed and a new crown is placed over a new buildup.  Dr. Trung and Dr. Babor do not place new crowns over old fillings.  Here’s why:

Series of photos showing a bad crown from previous dentist

  1. A new patient came to our office with a recently placed crown on the furthest back molar.  The crown “looked” fine, but Dr. Trung’s exam revealed decay underneath the very back corner of the crown.
  2. Once the crown was cut off, the tooth underneath showed abundant old fillings and extensive decay.
  3. A new buildup was placed by Dr. Trung.  A new crown will be placed over this new buildup—this combination of a new buildup and a new crown will provide you with the longest and most predictable success of your tooth.




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